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Organic Goat Farm De Oude Streek

Machedoux is the most renowned cheese speciality of the organic goatfarm ‘ De Oude Streek’ (The Old Region). Hanneke Kuppens produces a wide assortment of handcrafted raw milk goatcheeses.

Hanneke Kuppens started ‘De Oude Streek’ in 1988 with 21 goats. In the beginning only hard (Gouda) goat cheese was made. Two years later the introduction of Machedoux took place at the famed restaurant Dikker & Thijs in Amsterdam. Now Machedoux is the top selling specialty of ‘De Oude Streek’.

An expansion to 60 was reversed to a total of 40 milk goats. With this many goats there is a natural production circle; the manure the goats produce is used to fertilise the land. The land produces enough to feed the goats plenty of hay and grass for a full year.

To have a small scale farm is by deliberate choice. In 2002 Hanneke Kuppens received the award of “Animal Friendly Farmer” by the the farm animal protection foundation ‘Wakker Dier’.

The organic goat farm and shop are located in the pict uresque ‘Groningse Westerkwartier’, in the border area of the three northern Dutch provinces Drenthe, Friesland and Groningen.



At ‘De Oude Streek’ are 40 milk goats, 6 young goats and 2 bucks. Most are white milk goats, some are mottled black and white.


The goats are milked twice a day and give an average of about 2.5 à 3 litres a goat per day. Most of the feed comes from the farmstead itself. Complemented with an organic custom made mix of mostly grains. If the weather allows it the goats graze in the pasture behind the stable. With the planting of tree walls, a pool and the many herbs in the pasture, a diverse diet has been created for the goats.

Dry Period

To keep producing milk, every springtime the goats give birth to an average of 2 lambs. The last two months of the pregnancy – mostly Januari and February – the goast are not being milked. This is the so called ‘dry period’. During these months there is also no cheese production.


Farm Shop

The farm shop was festively opened in 2001, with the participation of chef Dick Soek and assistant manager Jos Abee of Restaurant Piloersemaborg in Den Ham (Gr).

Beside the goat cheese specialities of ‘De Oude Streek’ the shop sells a qualitative selection of different farm cheeses, organic olive oil, wine, honey and several region products. The farm shop has been tastely recommended by ‘ Lekker Thuis 2005 ‘, an important culinary shop guide in the Netherlands.

Opening hours: Friday 2pm till 5pm Saturday 2pm till 5pm

Kaas maken

Natural ingredients

All cheeses are of raw milk quality. The goat milk used is unpasteurized.

At ‘De Oude Streek’ all cheeses are made from 100% fresh goat milk, and we add only rennet, natural salt, and imported cheese cultures. They are handmade in small batches in the tradition of artisan farmstead cheesemaking.

Because the natural rhythm of the goat is followed and the goats are with kid in January and February, no cheese can be delivered.


The taste and texture of the milk differs every day, depending on the weather, the season, rest and unrest of the herd. To constantly create an excellent product is only feasible with a lot of knowledge and passion.

This passion is recognised in the cheese specialties. In Germany they label the Machedoux with “Mit Liebe zu bereitet” which translates as ‘Made with love’..


The method of preparation and ripening of the cheese takes place under strictly hygienic conditions. The maturation of the soft goat's cheese in particular requires a climate that does not provide development opportunities other than the desired white mold. Cooling and air circulation are therefore used in the ripening room.

The ripening process of the white mold cheeses takes at least 8 days. After 4 days of ripening, the down layer starts to form on the even cheese. The cheese can then be kept for at least 3 weeks. The packaging is therefore provided with an expiry date.


All cheeses are of raw milk quality. The goat milk used is unpasteurized.



Machedoux is a raw milk camambert-style goat cheese with edible white blooming rind. Superb for salads, sauces or in other dishes, as well as an excellent cheese plate selection.



Machère is a log shaped goat cheese with a soft white rind. Taste and texture remind of French Saint-Mauré.



Macendré is a raw milk creamy cheese treated with charcoal ashes. The ashes give the soft rind a black or greyish colour and the cheese a pleasantly earthy flavour.



Machemat is a mild brie-type goat cheese. It’s very creamy and soft.



Machetin is a goat cheese with a stronger taste, inspired by the world famous French Crottin. This cheese becomes lighter, stronger and drier closer to the expiry date.


Machedoux sec

Machedoux sec; dry and a bit spicy. Excellent on a cheese platter or to grate over a pasta dish.


Hard Goats Cheese

Hard goat cheese is mild and creamy, making it a good table cheese.

The hard goat cheese is only incidentally available at the farm store.


All 'Oude Streek' cheese specialties are available at the farm shop, natural food stores and online through Deliweb.


All cheeses are of raw milk quality. The goat milk used is unpasteurized.

Because the natural rhythm of the goat is followed and the goats are with kid in January and February, no cheese can be delivered.

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Organic goat farm ‘De Oude Streek’

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Oudestreek 37, 9354 AD Zevenhuizen (Gr)



Route description from Groningen

A7/E22 in direction Drachten, Leeuwarden, Amsterdam
N372 in direction Tolbert, Leek, Roden
N979 in direction Zevenhuizen, Haulerwijk

Route description from Utrecht

A6 in direction Almere Buiten, Lelystad, Emmeloord
A7/E22 in direction Heerenveen, Leeuwarden, Groningen
exit Boerakker, Zuidhorn, Grijpskerk, Tolbert
N388 in direction Niebert, Leek
N979 in direction Zevenhuizen, Haulerwijk

Oudestreek 37
9354 AD Zevenhuizen (Gr)


Friday 2pm till 5pm
Saturday 2pm till 5pm

By reservation only

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